Choosing to: Be Intentional

This month’s Choosing to topic is all about being intentional. Being intentional with yourself and others. It’s easy to rope yourself into a daily routine where you run on auto pilot. Only doing things because you feel you have to. Being intentional isn’t always easy. In fact, doing the same tasks day in and day out make it pretty difficult.

What does it mean to be intentional?

So, what does it mean to be intentional? It means purposefully doing a task, changing a mindset or behavior, or making choices that are important to you. Practicing being intentional everyday can help you live more in the moment, cope with anxiety and depression, and provide balance to your life.

There are several areas where you can choose to be intentional, but there are four I personally think deserve special attention.


Time is a limited resource. It comes and goes every day in the blink of an eye. Everything is dependent on time. Work, school, when you do errands, when you spend time with loved ones. Because of how important time is, we should all choose to be intentional with it. This can mean different things to different people. Some examples are purposefully setting time aside for just you, living in the moment and not worrying about the next thing on your to-do list, making time to support a cause or charity you support, or using your time to work towards a goal. Don’t think of it as using your time wisely but using your time freely with purpose.


We all get bored and tired of the same routine. We may lose ourselves and fall into a dark place of the unknown and feel trapped. Hobbies are a great way to branch out and recenter yourself. You can meet new people while learning a new skill or improving a skill you already have. Hobbies are great distractions and can also help you discover a new passion. Being intentional with your hobbies means allowing yourself the freedom to enjoy the activities that bring you happiness and embracing new experiences.


Relationships can be hard to keep up with as you get older. All of sudden you’re struggling to find time to meet for a simple cup of coffee. Often times we treat relationships like a job. Though they are work, they are not jobs. We should be cherishing the friends and loved ones we spend time with and treating them like they’re more than just a spot on our schedule. Because they are! Be intentional and invite a friend out without thinking about the time or things you have to get done. Be intentional and live in the moment with them. Giving them your undivided attention.


Being intentional with ourselves can be a little trickier than the other topics mentioned. I say this because we’re hardest on ourselves, and sometimes it’s easier to fall victim to defeat than build ourselves up. You can be intentional with yourself in a lot of different ways. For example, the next time you’re having a bad, do your best to make yourself focus on something positive. Do something that will bring you joy and peace. You already know what those things are, so take yourself out of the darkness and act! I know this a lot easier said than done, but trust me, if you choose to be intentional and make yourself go to that fitness class, read that book, buy that outfit, you will feel better!

Being intentional with yourself also means being aware of your thoughts and feelings, knowing when you need a break and letting yourself have one, choosing happiness over negativity. It’s what you need it to be in any given moment.

There’s no one formula for being intentional as we’re all so different. We live our lives differently and have varying needs. Know and understand the importance of balance in your life. When you hit a hard spot and feel overwhelmed. Pause. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Count to three, slowly. And reevaluate the situation and your priorities.

Practice being intentional this month and continue practicing into the future. My previous Choosing to Series topic was all about letting go. Click here to give it a read!

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April at Choosing to Bloom

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  1. Very good post and a great reminder that self-care and taking the time to do things are essential to living a better life 🙂

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