Meet the Creator

Hello there and thank you for checking out my blog! My name is April and I’m a 27-year-old from Oklahoma. I currently work full-time in the insurance industry and enjoy my job and the many perks it comes with, such as working from home. Eventually I want to make a career change and have my own life coaching business. A decision that came to light the summer of 2021 when I realized how hard it is navigating life when you don’t know who you or what y0u want to be. I want to be the resource I haven’t had but needed, for someone else.

I find myself inspired by knowledge and I’ve always had a love for writing but have kept it on the backburner as I’ve never seen myself making a career out of it. With my love for writing, I’ve naturally bounced around the idea of having a blog quite a few times. In fact, I’ve even started some in the past. I never stuck with them though because I didn’t want to share my content, and I wasn’t writing about anything I was passionate about. I wanted to be an influencer, but an anonymous one? I’m a lover of dogs, wine, lattes, alone time, true crime podcasts, horror movies, and art. In my free time you can almost bet I’m either watching a horror movie, at the gym, working on a dance, or playing The Sims (don’t judge me). I silently struggle a lot with social and general anxiety, depression, and being an introvert. One of the qualities I love most about myself is how open minded I am. I make an effort to hear all sides of a discussion with an open mind and never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or less than when talking to me. I’m very passionate about equal rights for everyone and wish I had the power to completely eliminate discrimination and all forms of racism. The mountains are my happy place, and I hope to one day call Colorado my home!