• Unhealthy Habits to Leave in 2022

    Unhealthy Habits to Leave in 2022

    As we are settling into the new year, our minds may be thinking about resolutions for 2023. The new year marks a clean slate and endless opportunities. However, don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. A lot of us tend to think mostly of the new or old things we want to accomplish in the…

  • Holiday Blues

    Holiday Blues

    I don’t know about you, but I get extremely stressed and overwhelmed around the holidays. A time that used to be my favorite, doesn’t quite do it for me anymore. Christmas was a feel-good time. A time to enjoy holiday lights, hot chocolate, shopping in a decorated mall playing Christmas music, and cold weather. I…

  • Finding Peace

    Finding Peace

    Peace is something we all should strive for. Peace within ourselves, with conflict and loss. Sometimes we need immediate peace, while other times it’s more of a journey. Many areas of life can cause stress and cause us to become mentally imbalanced. It’s impossible to go through life without difficult situations. But it’s not impossible…

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